+2400 .ldb files

Hi, syncthing is very sluggish when starting up, it takes well over a minute before the web interface opens up.

I’ve noticed it is absolutely hammering the system drive accessing the index files, so I had a look in the %localappdata%/index folder, and there’s over 2400 .ldb files in there.

Is that normal? thx, Tom.

No, that’s unexpected. The number of database files (segments, or whatever) should be somewhere around 10-20 in normal operations, maybe more when there’s a lot of writes going on but that gets compacted after a while…

So should I nuke them? I think the index is still being built, but this has been running for over 2 days now… syncing 2 folders, which together hold about 3800 items for 3.7TB of data.

I can understand that indexing all of that takes a while, at the same time I wouldn’t want to cause a full re-index unless I have to?

t.a. Tom

Could be that the indexing (causing database writes) is blocking the compaction. I’d actually suggest letting it finish. How close is it to done?

As I write this, the largest of the 2 folders has switched to “Up to Date”, so the smaller one shouldn’t be far off I guess…

Cool. Let it complete, let it chill for five-ten minutes, then see how it looks. If the problem remains, bug filing time.  :) (At which point the file called “log” in the index directory is probably going to be of interest)

both shared folders are now done scanning, and Resource Monitor shows no more r/w to the .ldb files.

There’s still 2300 .ldb files in the index folder :frowning: About 2000 of those are Date Modified today…

bug report filed ;

soooo guys, this is still ongoing, what should i do? wait, wipe the index folder, rescan, … ?