2 Send Only Folder and Overwrite Changes Button


on 2 syncthings (1.2.0) I created a single Send Only Folder.

The directories I pointed the Folder to, already containing files, which I synced before with another program (binary data and dates are the identical).

Now, after the initial scanning, why one Folder says Out of Sync [40,342 items, ~21.1 GiB] the other says Up to Date.

I’d like to know a possible reason one of those two folders can be out of sync because they never can sync each other because of my settings (Two Send Only and none Receivig Folder). Also, the Overwrite Changes offer seems odd to me. What files should get overwritten with what files from what folder?

Just out of curiosity :slight_smile:

Short variant: Connection multiple send-only folders doesn’t work.

Long variant: If all the data is identical including relevant metadata (permissions and mtime) nothing should be out of sync. If anything differs there’s conflicts, which one side will win. The winning side will be perfectly happy with the global state (no override changes button). The losing side sees the global state (aka the conflicting version the other client has) is ahead of what it has locally, so as it is send-only it will reject this state and ask to override it. However if you do that, then the other side is on the loosing side and will then display the override button and you can play that game infinitely, that’s why it’s not possible to connect send-only folders.

In theory it’s possible, get them in-sync as non-send only, and then switch them to send only once they are in sync.

Thank you @imsodin and @AudriusButkevicius !

I have set permissions to ignore, so only mtime could differ, IMHO, and thats something I doubt, but I cannot prove until I know/see why syncthing thinks, files/folders do not match.

Is there a way, I can see the list with all the metadata which syncthing thinks, it differs? (if this can be done via REST API — Syncthing v1 documentation I’ll try to understand that in the next months.)

Not infinitely, see below.

One thing, which differs after I played that game is the shown size of the files out of sync.

It started with

Out of Sync [40,342 items, ~21.1 GiB] on machine A

Then it was

Out of Sync [40,342 items, ~0 B] on machine B

When I clicked the Overwrite Changes Button again, it changed back to Out of Sync [40,342 items, ~21.1 GiB].

Ok, ping pong, as you said.

Now the next part:

The logs told me something like:

Machine A deleted file foofile.ext 2019-07-11 21:14:16
Machine A deleted dir 	foodir 	   2019-07-11 21:14:16

Which I doubt is true, so why is “deleted” in the log if nothing is deleted?


I played the game some clicks more and ended up with random amounts of Local States and Out of Sync Items:

Machine A

Global State 16,532 88 ~14.3 GiB
Local State 0 0 ~0 B
Out of Sync Items 16,620 items, ~14.3 GiB

Machine B

Global State 16,532 88 ~14.3 GiB
Local State 39,772 570 ~21.1 GiB
Out of Sync Items [23,722 items, ~0 B]

Or, an Up to Date state with

Global State 0 0 ~0 B
Local State 0 0 ~0 B

(No matter how often I rescanned, paused&unpaused, the game seems to be over here, both sides loose, because after a restart of syncthing, nothing changed. local+global state keep showing nothing but zeroes.)

The other machine showed:

Global State 0 0 ~0 B
Local State 39,772 570 ~21.1 GiB
Out of Sync Items 40,342 items, ~0 B

Thus and the “deleting” log entries are quite scary :sunglasses:

I know, I’ve (intentionally) just played around uncarefully, but isn’t that something, every user does? :wink:

I removed both the testing folders and created new ones, with same settings and same directories (so also same/identical data).

Guess what… the folders are in sync and both up to date.

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