2 files out of sync. How to resolve?

I’m using 1.27.0-rc.1. See pics below. My setup is my “main” Syncthing install (host?) is residing on my Ubuntu laptop. Then about once a week I do a simultaneous sync between my laptop and my 2 Samsung android phones (A71 and A73). Recently I’m getting the error that 2 files are out of sync on my A71. See pics below. The files are both zero bytes in size. I looked for the files but couldn’t find them. Maybe they’re hidden? I don’t know. Is there a way to get rid of this out-of-sync error? You need any other details?

They are deleted on your side but, apparently, not on the phone. You’d have to check the UI on the phone to see why.

I tried to find them on the A71 but all my searches turned up nothing. I have hidden files and folders visible so I think it’s also searching there. I use the Solid Explorer app. I’ll keep looking. I’ll try to find an app that does deep searches, if there is such a thing.

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