1rst time sync (setting up equal folders before syncing - is it safe?)


Moved from Sync to SyncThing and played around with it yesterday. I get apprx 35mbit between my Computer and Synology NAS (location two). Acceptable speed, but hoped for twice that (100/100mbit on the NAS side & 250/250 on the computer side). There is no relay mentioned in the info so it seems to directly connect and have opened the TCP 22000 on both sides in each router pointing to the internal LAN IP (v4 as v6 is turned off). I have read that I can tweak the pullers and copiers to increase the speed but have for now left them on 0 (default). Any tip? Thanks in advance!

Question 2:

Since I have all folders synced already before moving to SyncThing (same on each location); can I just:

Stop SyncThing Copy the same folders into their respective SyncThing sync folder (both locations) …and start SyncThing?

Will it then hash the files on each side and "keep them but not start any weird delete, or sync process?)

I hope to not have to sync 2TBs all over again (lots of office video archives)

Thanks for a tip before I start (really do not want to mess up this initial phase)


I have tested also today with an extra PC on the location of the NAS.

Following happens: Location 1 (hosting the file apprx 1.5gb) sends to both NAS + the PC on location two. I get 2 x 30mbit transferring as in 60mbit. Should it not then be possible to get 60mbit on one of the machines in location 2? I have excluded the NAS from the test and still get 30mbit from the PC at location 1 to the PC at location 2.

Thanks for any tip!

You can set up the folder but do not share it. Then click rescan and wait for it to finish. Do the same on other computer and once all scanning is finished share the folders accross computers.

Please search existing topics on LAN speed and try to increase pullers.

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Syncthing only uses 1 TCP connection between 2 devices. It could be, that the latency between the two locations limits the speed of that single connection.

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