14.19 on Raspberry PI3

Audrius, yes, they are Thunderbird databases (and other files) synced across three devices. But I have been using this strategy successfully, thanks to syncthing, for two years without any issues. One instance is always closed and synced before another device opens the application and reads the synced files.

Your comment does not explain why reverting to 14.18 syncs files successfully. The problem I have described occurs only with 14.19.

Try 0.14.20 (upgrade button in the UI). Then, if that does not work, try setting weakHashThresholdPct in Advanced > Folder to 101 and see if that affects things.

Duh… I can’t find and upgrade button in the UI. Am I missing something? Can I download this binary from GIT?

If you installed Syncthing using a package manager (e.g. apt), you’ll have to upgrade it using that package manager.

OK, thanks. Installed 14.20 on amd64 laptop and Raspberry PI 3 and sync is successful (in the blink of an eye!!).

No need to try Jakob’s second option.

Three amd64 laptop and RPI3 updated to 14.20 and working as expected. Thunderbird profile and other files all syncing successfully without delay.

Thanks to all for support and tolerance of enthusiastic, if semi-literate, user.

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