127 x 15 MB files

I have ~127 15 MB files in the root of my Syncthing program folder. They have names like ‘syncthing000185691’ and ‘syncthing000517427’. What purpose do these serve and is it safe to get rid of them?

What is their creation timestamp?

That sounds like a problem with the auto upgrade system. There is a known issue where it leaves temp files behind when it doesn’t have write access to the binary. You can safely delete the files and should then preferably make sure that you can write to the program file as the user running syncthing, or disable auto upgrades.

@AudriusButkevicius, I’m going to ignore your question because I believe that @calmh has solved it. There was an error reported in the Syncthing web UI that Syncthing did not have write access to syncthing.exe.old. I have deleted those files and Syncthing is continuing to operate normally. Permissions for that file look fine, I had already checked them. I’m not sure where the error is coming from.

Could it be an issue that I’m syncing the Syncthing executable folder using Syncthing? I have a folder of portable applications that I synchronize between my laptop and my work machine. Syncthing is one such portable application.

If you are running Syncthing from this shared folder, that might explain the issue.

Syncthing on device A updates itself, tries to sync to device B but device B is already using this file. Then Syncthing on device B updates itself and tries to sync to device A etc. Now, I don’t exactly know how Syncthing would behave in this case but it is not an ideal scenario.

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