11.23 crashes when no network / PC in sleep mode

Could it be that 11.23 has a problem running on systems that are put to sleep? Yesterday I updated all my systems to 11.23 2 systems usually are only put to sleep instead of shut down. One system is a Linux notebook. Lid closed - sleep. Lid opened, all ok except Syncthing process gone. The other system is a virtual Linux on a W7 host. Put to sleep. Woke up, all ok as usual (yes including the virtual Linux, I always do that) but Syncthing process gone. Before 11.23 I did not have that issue. Anybody else can duplicate?

If it crashes, you should have a crash log. Note though that it intentionally restarts after sleep is detected. What’s your system for keeping it running - systemd, upstar, …? Can you get some logs from what it says when it crashes/restarts/whatever?

Thanks Jakob and sorry. I have not been able to reproduce the problem. It happened on 2 systems and only after the update from .22 to .23. No more problems till then, no problems during .24 update either. I guess we can close this thread.

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