100k devices

According to https://data.syncthing.net we passed the 100k devices milestone :partying_face:

Data based on 100779 devices that have reported in.

Probably a lot more as some users might have turned off usage reporting.


Or rather haven’t turned on, as it’s opt-in :relieved:.

I’d personally assume that there are probably many more users than reported, and also that there’re probably more Linux users than in the data (as they’re usually more privacy-oriented, hence less likely to enable usage reporting).

At the same time, enterprise/office PCs (mostly running Windows) are also almost guaranteed to have usage reporting disabled, so there’s that.

As for regions, Asia/China/Russia may be underreported as well, as it wouldn’t be surprising if the usage reporting server was (at least partially/regionally) blocked by the Great Firewall.

Yeah. Another estimate of number of devices is what is seen by the discovery servers (Grafana) which is currently ~511k.