100% disk usage on Windows 8 laptop


I have a laptop with windows 8 and a 5400 rpm hdd, using the latest stable release(0.14.25). The problem is, that syncthing eats up disk io during synching, not always but a lot of times. Task manager usually show 90-100% disk usage from syncthing. I set the copiers and hashers to 1, pullers on 0(tried with 1, but as far as I remember didn’t helped), output rate set to 1000KiB/s on the sending machine. Any suggestions what should I do to make it more usable on this machine?

Is Syncthing still performing an initial scan? If this is the case, it will consume high I/O until it finishes, as it has to compute and save hashes for all of the data. If not - what is Syncthing doing during these high periods of I/O? Try running Sysinternals’ Process Monitor to see what files it’s accessing.

It’s not just the initial phase, I’m experiencing problems during sync too, I think the slow hdd is the main cause. Now I start syncthing with -background priority, which is available from Vista and set the I/O, memory and cpu priority to very low. Better now, but need some extra testing.

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I confirm the high I/O (it is more likely 100% rather than 90) on my Windows 8.1 laptop. It seems to happen while resuming from the hibernated state.

OK, in my case it looks like antivirus DrWeb is to blame rather than Syncthing.

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