100% cpu usage - when disk space is low?

Not sure if it’s useful for anyone here, but I noticed that my VM was regularly using 100% cpu. See below where the dark shading is nighttime, orange is cpu and was at 100% for over 24 hours at a time, whereas blue is RAM (4GB). I run syncthing within a docker container on this VM, and it was using all the cpu. When I went to the syncthing UI it warned that disk space was 0.4% and I confirmed the disk available to the VM was at 99.6% - my bad. I restarted syncthing and the cpu went back to normal. Then I deleted some of the Plex cache to get back 15GB. So maybe syncthing doesn’t cope well without space? I will monitor for the next couple of days.


Any logs from the affected time?

I think a great syncthing function would be a low space warning