100% but not 100%? (Showing idle 60%)

Trying to get this working on my gfs system at school and her laptop - I’ve restarted the clients and both the system multiple times. Seems odd no? (up to date but showing idle at 60%) O.o


John CTE, DigitalOcean.com

What’s it look like if you actually expand the one at 60%? Any ignores configured?

Ooops, looks like I had accidentally deleted the “folder flag” file on the windows system?

Anyway, I shut down the client, I created an “e_downloads-2” folder on both computers, copied the contents of both files out into my -2 folder on their local systems, then created the original file e_downloads file again, re-created the sync in the GUI and then copied the contents back to the folder, loaded the client on both computers and it picked everything back up and completed the sync.

Thank you!

This is rad software btw.

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