1 Folder for Win 10 and Win 11 ?


I want to install Win 11 in a 2nd partition on my PC, Win 10 is already up and running with Syncthing.

Can I use the same folder of Syncthing or are two different Windows versions using one and the same folder bad?

I don’t mean the installation folder in “Users”, I mean the folder which is synchronised.

Cheers Markus

I tried to find infos in the documentation but couldn’t…

Any concerns by the developers?

This is a dual boot setup, you’ll find some discussions of it here on the forum:


OK, thank you. So I won’t do that (using Syncthing with both Win versions)…

Should I delete the “.stfolder” in each folder (which are made with Synthing under Win 10) before setting up Syncthing under Win 11 with the same old folders to sync?

Cheers Markus

You don’t need to do that when configuring the folder initially on the Win11 system.