1. Cryptomator; 2 Multiple Conflicts

Hi I welcome you all. Here Are my Questions, out of the thin air :wink:

  1. I have tried Sync from ‘folder on PC’ to 'Cryptomator dav:/localhost:…] on Linux Mint Laptop. It shows it is in sync now. But my Cryptomator folder didn’t change. I guess it created folder and synced somewhere else. My question is it possible to sync to Cryptomator dev folder? Second question where is [possibly] the created folder so I can delete content and remove sync folder.

  2. Multiple conflicts. If I have conflict [let’s say files have been changed at source and destination at the same time, or both have not been connected for a long time to each other - in example: KeePass database that is being used on PC and mobile phone by 2 people simultaneity]. Then conflict file is being created, but my sync is set to 1 sec, what is going to happen. Is database from PC going to end up as conflict-database on mobile and vice versa, for as long as someone will manually sync passwords in database?

In answer to 2: One of the files will win the conflict and be shared across the cluster under the original file name. The file that looses is renamed to have ~sync-conflict at the end and synchronise to the cluster so everyone has both versions.

I am not sure I understand question 1.

Edit: typo in the name change of loosing file.

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Do you access cyptomator via a WebDAV mount point?

ST works on standard filesystems and should work on any userspace filesystem it can see. This includes mount points that are presented to the user as standard filesystems.

You will not be able to point it to a WebDAV address.

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Is it permanent state, as it is not achievable to implement it in software. Not planned, or not yet implemented?

Path to the folder on the local computer. Will be created if it does not exist. The tilde character (~) can be used as a shortcut for.

In my first post was referring to that I actually pointed SYNCTHING toward WebDEV, and it synchronized somewhere - although not to WebDEV. I was wondering where… but I have checked HOME folder on Linux an it is there :slight_smile:

I will also add my 5 cent to setting up Windows Task Scheduler, from default setting when creating ‘New’ + setting from Starting Syncthing Automatically — Syncthing documentation

After Setting up as said in tips it was getting errors [Windows 7]. I don’t know which settings exactly worked - as I have left it once it started to run.

Tab General Ticked - Run with highest privileges Drop down list to - Windows 7, Win Server 2008 R2

Tab Conditions Unticked - Start only if the following network connection is available Unticked - Start the task only if the computer is on AC power

Thanks for very informative answers. It’s working ace.

I would say it is unlikely the Dev team would implement this. You should be able to mount the WebDAV folder to a local folder and then point syncthing to the local folder. I only ever use the built in WebDAV features in Ubuntu so I am not sure if you will need a fuse module or not.

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