1.8.0 takes long time to discover changes


I updated to 1.8.0 this morning or yesterday in my laptop.

I notice that now it is taking much longer than before to discover changes made.

I am starting to pay more attention to this.

So I changed a few hundred files on a peer and it took 12 minutes to start syncing despite having direct connectivity.

I don’t know why, but I checked “last seen” of the remote and it was less than 1 minute ago, yet it would not start syncing (or updating the global state) despite it.

Has anybody noticed something similar?

I don’t think there have been any changes in that area compared to 1.7.1 to explain this, but if you have an easy clean set of steps to reproduce the issue, we might look into it.

Also, upon first startup after upgrade does a bit more work than usual between nodes, so it could be because of that.

lets see if anybody else comes up with the same thing.

I am pretty sure something is up, but might be just my environment…

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