000xx.log file in index-v0.11.0.db is written very frequently


I have ST v0.12.20, FreeBSD (64 bit) setup on my NAS running Nas4Free at home that I want to use for syncing photos with my Android phone.

The syncing works fine but my problem is that Syncthing frequently writes to the 000xxx.log file in the index-v0.11.0.db folder preventing my disks to spin down. Normally my disks are in sleep mode 90%+ of the day, and most importantly they are not spinning during the night and that is how I would like to have it.

I have only one shared folder and I have tried with a rescan interval of 120s and 0s on the NAS with no difference. But if I turn off ST on my Android phone then the writes to the file stops.

So is there a way to reduce the writes to the file? Besides turning off the android client… I do have a RAM-drive that I could probably symlink the entire folder to, but it is only a few hundred megabytes that maybe is not enough.

That is the database which among other things tracks the last seen time per peer device.

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