0.14.xx, Android, Linux: Devices always "offline"

Folks; very new to syncthing, I’m trying to have a local-only sync between Linux desktop and two Android devices. Running (what I think to be) latest syncthing on all these, I managed to get it set up, connected them using device ID / qr code, but never see any of the devices online or connected on any other device. I disabled global discovery and NAT on all devices, set “local discovery” only. Firewalls are down or opened for syncthing on all devices. Logging doesn’t provide me with any meaningful input so far. Hmmm… Ideas, anyone? Thanks, Kristian

It needs to be on the same subnet and the network needs to support multicasts and broadcasts. It’s likely that windows doesn’t allow that if your network is classified as public, or perhaps android does not allow these type of operations off the bat.

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Your your router segments LAN and Wifi.

Can the two Android devices connect to each other?

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Thanks guys. The latter apparently seems to be the problem. Tried this at the office this afternoon, I failed in the way I described. Right now, back home in my local WiFi, things work as expected. Seems indeed our corporate WiFi is treating wireless devices and wired ones different. I’ll look into this later - bit surprising because even back then it was easily possible to, say, FTP into the Android device using a Linux commandline FTP client so I don’t think they’re completely separated. Thanks anyway and all the best! :slight_smile:

The LAN and Wifi arte separated in such a way, that local discovery doesn’t work (no multicast / broadcast). But direct IP connections do work.

So you need to add the direct connection to the addresses field of the remote device in Syncthing. E.g. dynamic, tcp:/{ip-adress-of-desktop}:22000 on your Android.

And re-enable global disco & NAT

and if @wwelch did a typo, tcp://:port if the desktop machine ip is dhcp allocated : https://docs.syncthing.net/users/config.html#listen-addresses