0.14.37: fsync: handle is invalid

As soon as i start Syncthing Android and let it sync with my PC (both new versions) I get lots and lots of errors like this: The sync finishes and all devices show “up-to-date”. There were no problems like this before. “The handle is invalid.”

Thanks for helping and thanks for syncthing. Hope this helps to find a possible problem.

[WA2XK] 19:41:17 INFO: fsync “Musikvideos” failed: sync \?\m:\2handy\Musikvideos: Das Handle ist ungültig.

[WA2XK] 19:40:09 INFO: fsync “7alben_h\Hörbuch” failed: sync \?\m:\2handy\7alben_h\Hörbuch: Das Handle ist ungültig.

[WA2XK] 19:39:52 INFO: fsync “.” failed: sync \?\m:\1daten: Das Handle ist ungültig.

[WA2XK] 19:39:53 INFO: fsync “7alben_h\Deine Lakaien” failed: sync \?\m:\2handy\7alben_h\Deine Lakaien: Das Handle ist ungültig.

This is about v0.14.37, moved from the release topic.

We should probably tone down the logging on fsync failures. In the meantime these are cosmetic and can be ignored.

This was handled, as in ignore directory fsync errors on windows, yet it seems German windows returns German errors, that are not handled.

My bad (lazy reading), this is not Android. Recategorizing appropriately.

Yeah, we can’t do string parsing on that thing. Although we could just not fsync dirs on windows.

Or fsync and just throw away the error, yet regardless that would involve an extra stat() to work out if it’s a directory or not.

From rwfolder we know we’re fsyncing a directory and could ignore the error there probably.

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