0.12 and relaying

If I understand the relaying support in 0.12 correctly it should be possible to sync two servers that are both behind NAT. I haven’t seen this working though.

I have two servers at home and one at work and they never get connected. They all show “Relays 1/1” (in text-success colour) though. All run 1.12.1

I also carry my mobile phone between the places and it connects to all of the servers and now acts as a data mule.

Is there anything I could try in configuration to fix or debug this?

The home/work servers each have the other added as a device?

I think global discovery also has to be enabled for relaying to work.

You can also try setting “STTRACE=discover,relay” (or use http://docs.syncthing.net/rest/system-debug-post.html to enable it) to see what is wrong (maybe also “connections”, not sure what exactly is relevant for relaying).

Looking at the code, it’s that or relayWithoutGlobalAnn has to be true.

yes, they all have added each other. they just don’t show up as connected.

thanks. I will try relayWithoutGlobalAnn

You shouldn’t need to touch this: make sure you have global discovery enabled instead.

Still not working. global discovery is enabled, all servers updated and syncing locally. tried with relayWithoutGlobalAnn too.

I am sure it is something stupid I am doing.

Run both sides with STTRACE=discover. That should print info on the discovered devices and how they can be connected to (including relay information).

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That helped, turns out my discovery servers very wrong after the upgrade to 0.12 . Set to default and now it works.

Thanks for the help!

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Lots of people seem to be having this issue.

I think there are some issues if you were running the beta. Only the previous default servers are converted to the new default server, so if you weren’t using the default servers prior to the upgrade you won’t be now either. Apart from that I don’t know of any conversion issues.

After you have been running for a few seconds at least and if you are on windows you can do this at command line: netstat -an | findstr 22067 | findstr EST

If on linux use this instead: netstat -pant | grep 22067 | grep EST

These should find you any already established sessions using port 22067 (those are probably relay servers)

Do this on both sides and ensure both clients are connected to the same relay.

— EDIT —

Oh wait I just saw the problem was solved. Nm

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