WSL2 with Syncthing

Hi, I just wanted to use Syncthing inside my WSL, however, when I run it there is “unknown device” everywhere.

[monitor] 13:43:43 INFO: Starting syncthing
[22CGI] 13:43:43 INFO: syncthing unknown-dev "Erbium Earthworm" (go1.13.5 linux-amd64) unknown@unknown 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
[22CGI] 13:43:44 INFO: Single thread SHA256 performance is 636 MB/s using crypto/sha256 (521 MB/s using minio/sha256-simd).
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: Hashing performance is 544.68 MB/s
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: Starting deadlock detector with 20m0s timeout
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: Ready to synchronize "Default Folder" (default) (sendreceive)
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: Overall send rate is unlimited, receive rate is unlimited
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: Using discovery server
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: Using discovery server
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: Using discovery server
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: TCP listener ([::]:22000) starting
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: Relay listener (dynamic+ starting
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: Completed initial scan of sendreceive folder "Default Folder" (default)
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: GUI and API listening on
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: Access the GUI via the following URL:
[22CGI] 13:43:45 INFO: My name is "ThalusA-PC"
[22CGI] 13:43:56 INFO: Detected 0 NAT services
[22CGI] 13:44:15 INFO: Joined relay relay://

Check browser developer console for errors

The “unknown” I see is because it’s a build without version info (using an old version of Go). I suggest grabbing a recent binary from Github.


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