Wrong website description

The website of Syncthing says that this could replace Dropbox, but this is wrong. For a full replacement of Dropbox you need an own server running all the time, but in this case you don’t need Syncthing anymore. Files are only synchronized with Syncthing that means each copy of the same file takes up space on each device. This behavior is totally different to Dropbox where you can access your files without the need to download them on each device. That means Syncthing has a totally different concept which then could never be a replacement for Dropbox.

You really shouldn’t fool people just for a catchy slogan.

That’s strange. I don’t see any wording on the website claiming to be a replacement for “Dropbox” - or for any other branded cloud service provider. Can you please point out where you saw this claim and the name “Dropbox”? I refer to the website of course - not the forums, where there is wide-open, freeflowing discussion.

And if you can’t find this specific claim on the site, would you kindly withdraw your statement that the developer(s) here are trying to “fool people”? In my view, the team here is hardworking, efficient, and above all - HONEST.

By the way, much of what you say about Dropbox vs Syncthing is accurate. They are different. If the Dropbox model is a better fit for your use case, continue using it. No one here will be upset.

The only sentence about something like that is “Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open”. Syncthing does not have all features that dropbox has, but the basic concept to sync your files is there, so it’s not wrong :wink: To get something more similar to other cloud services you need a server that is always online, that is correct, but same is for btsync which is more similar to syncthing than other cloud services.

For my personal dropbox replacement (I also used dropbox before) I have owncloud and syncthing running on a server. Syncthing to do most of the syncing and owncloud for the webinterface and for android where I dont sync the files but have easy access to them and for automatic photo upload. With this I have all features I needed from dropbox and even more (it’s much faster, dropbox was really slow on startup with many files, I can sync on LAN even if my internet connection is down, I have more than one folder that is synced…)

The syncthing.net website did refer to being a Dropbox and btsync replacement at one point. It doesn’t, since a while back, since it’s both not entirely accurate and also a bit bad form. Maybe you are viewing an old version for some reason?