Would Maildir File name formatting be a problem for ST?


One of my repos is having hard time, constantly failing. It has alot of files that are similar to "1401917265.000007.mbox:2,S"

This is just a text email in Maildir format.

For example

[NNE43] 15:16:42 INFO: create: error: “XXXXX” / “xxx/xxx/Mail/xxx/Mail_Archive/.Local Folders.Drafts/new/1401917379.000005.mbox:2,S”: open /xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/xx/Mail_Archive/.Local Folders.Drafts/new/.syncthing.1401917379.000005.mbox:2,S: invalid argument

The files are on an ntfs drive mount on Linux. I am wondering if ST having issue with these files on an ntfs mount. I donot have another mount to test this out at the moment.


“:” is not an allowed character in file names on Windows.

Edit: which syncthing complains about in a much nicer way when trying to sync such files to Windows. In this case, the receiving side is Linux which is normally perfectly fine with colons in the filename, but the underlying ntfs filesystem is not. Syncthing doesn’t know the underlying filesystem (and doesn’t want to), so it tries to write the file and the OS returns the “invalid argument” error.

calmh , thanks for the reply. It makes perfect sense