Won't sync synology photos folder other way

I’m running syncthing on linux manjaro and Synology to keep my folders in sync. On synology, home folder is activated and im syncing documents, music and photo folder (synology moments). I don’t have any problems with syncing document and music folder but photo folder sync won’t sync, or sync in one way from synology to linux laptop. From linux laptop to synology photos don’t work. I don’t know how to solve this. I assume i could be a problem with synology moments (which use this photo folder). For example i also can’t delete files from photos folder on synology. I only can do that directly in Synology Moments aplication.

Synology issues are generally related to their permissions system, but there’s not enough info here to tell. Screenshots, error messages, logs, etc would inform us of what’s actually going on.

it’s simple. syncthing have synced some photo folder from linux laptop to synology photo folder. when i log in to synology with user xy i see this folder in synology file manager but can’t open it, it says “i dont have privilegies to open this folder”. basically synology user xy can’t open sc-syncthing created folder in synology file manager. admin user can do that.

Yeah, you need to adjust the permissions of that “share” or whatever and give the user access to it. I don’t use or know Synology well, unfortunately, but there should be guides out there.

i managed to gain rw access to those folder, don’t ask me what i did.

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