Windows: Problem with Directory name


just started using syncthing and it looks great, thanks so far :wink:

I want to sync my Documents Folder between a Windows Workstation and a Linux Notebook while filing out a weird situation.

For being German I named the Directory “Dokumente” in syncthing and pointed it to my users Documents Folder in Windows → d:\Users<username>\Documents.

Afterwards I now have my documents Folder (d:\Users<username>\Documents) and a new “Dokumente” Folder (d:\Users<username>\Documente). Second Folder only contains the .stfolder file.

Is this intended? Couldn’t test the Linux side right now, cause here the Folder is already called Dokumente in my home.

Edit: The .stignore File can’t be created too.

Kind regards Martin


I think you added a folder under the wrong name, which created the .stfolder and then later changed it, but syncthing left the old folder there.