Windows console window and restarts

When syncthing restarts, it is losing the console window. I don’t know if it is possible to preserve it.

Does the syncthing.log file survive this maneuver? I expect the other thing is because there is a “console” on Windows that is attached to the process that exits, while on other operating systems the standard out is owned by the shell that launched Syncthing instead.

Is it possible to make syncthing exectute in some “console control” mode and then run itself inside?

syncthing.log probably survives - do you propose to reread it on restart?

What do you mean it looses the console window?

When it started from console previously, and then restarted, the program was exiting back to parent process and new process was executed without console.

But it seems that v0.12.24 preserves console on restart.

[YWKFW] 16:36:15 INFO: Restarting
[YWKFW] 16:36:15 OK: Exiting
[monitor] 16:36:15 INFO: Syncthing exited: exit status 3
[monitor] 16:36:16 INFO: Starting syncthing
[YWKFW] 16:36:16 INFO: syncthing v0.12.24 "Beryllium Bedbug" (go1.6.2 windows-386)

If you run with no monitor process that will happen, that’s just how consoles work. Now when you start you start the monitor process, which then starts syncthing. As syncthing restarts the monitor process remaijs attached to the console (as the monitor process does not restart).