Windows 10 Warning when I launch Syncthing


When i launch Syncthing on a windows 10 Pro, i have a warning because the .exe file is not signed.

It is possible to have a fix for that ? Do you have possibility to sign the executable ?

Here is the warning :

These things cost money and bring limited (or rather no) benefits apart from removing a dialog which the OS developers put there in the first place to help certificate makers make money.

Anybody with money can compile a malicious binary and sign it with whatever valid certificate, because no user checks the signatures anyway.

Yeah, that’s true, but it does make things easier for the end user. For Mac we do ship signed binaries which avoids some prompts and allows firewall access etc.

If someone has a guide that a five year old could follow on how to automate code signing for Windows I’d be happy to do it, if the cost is reasonable.

Ok, thanks all for this informations.

The most expensive is to buy a certificat. This thread explain how to do this with Microsoft tools.

So there is a site that sells code signing certs for 14Eur a year for OSS projects, and SignTool for windows and osslsigncode utility which can sign .exe’s on Linux.

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That sounds entirely doable.

Or just turn Smart Screen off.

I do this, but if the cost is low, the best is to have a certified binary. For professionnal use, it will be necessary.

I signed the SyncTrayzor installer at one point. I made some notes:

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