Windows 10 doesn't connect

My previous situation:

Windows 7 laptop Lubuntu laptop Android phone

All devices were added to each other as introducers with various shared folders. Everything worked fine.

Then I recently did a fresh install (not an upgrade) to Windows 10. Since then syncthing on the Windows 10 device rarely connects to any of my other devices. I have seen it connect very intermittently, for unknown reasons.

I’ve done numerous experiments, but this was the most extreme:

Reinstalled syncthing on Windows 10 and Android. Didn’t reinstall it on Lubuntu, but removed all of the old folders and devices to get it close to a fresh state.

Using the ID UPC on Lubuntu, I added Lubuntu to Android, as an introducer. Lubuntu saw Android almost immediately. Shared a folder and everything is working.

On Windows 10, turned Windows Firewall OFF, to eliminate any question of firewall issues.

Using the ID UPC on Windows 10, I added Windows 10 to Android, as an introducer. Currently 3-hour later and it hasn’t connected.

This was all on my local WiFi. On all devices Global Discovery is reading 1/2, which I assume means Windows 10 is talking to my router just fine. I tried this with both 32-bit and 64-bit syncthing. As far as I know, there is nothing special about the Windows 10 machine: no other firewalls and no fancy networking set up. Just a normal install.

I’ve also tried adding Android and Lubuntu to Windows 10 manually and that didn’t work either.

Ideas appreciated…

As a suggestion, turnin the firewall off doesn’t always do what you expect. Sometimes you have to add the exception even when it’s off. Also, make sure you allow the local announce ports too.

You can run STTRACE=beacon,discovery for more detailed log output, as I have it will be windows 10 killing broadcasts/multicasts

Try this again on v0.11.22.

Yes, I had already upgraded to v.0.11.22 and it had magically started working. Was there a change in this version that might have fixed it?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, but not magically. :smile: It’s a bug in Go 1.5, we reverted the compiler version for the time being.