Win10 User folder names - non eng distribution


I’m running in to a bit of a problem. I want to use Syncthing to sync my ~\Dokumente folder( ~\Documents in english), but I can’t figure out what I should name that folder. If I enter that path in to syncthing, it generates a new folder with the exact same name in my ~ folder. It does not use the folder provided by win10 - which is annoying, as it means that i have to go through the file explorer, c:, then \users… and so on instead of using quick access.

Especially in slightly clunky explorers used by, say, keepass and similar things, this becomes extremely frustrating.

Funnily enough, it works perfectly fine for my desktop folder.

Thanks in advance!

The folder on disk is called Documents and this is what you need to tell Syncthing. That the Explorer shows something else is just a UI translation on Explorers side.


Interesting. Thanks, that seems to have solved it.


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