WIN 10 - Can sync folders be on a different drive from the program?


Wondering if I can move from BTSync to Syncthing. Not very IT literate so pls be gentle:)!

MY PC is set up with a SSD for programs etc. and two SSDs configured as a Storage Space where all the data goes.

Will ST work in this way (I notice that the guidance on staggered versioning says that having the old file versions stored on a separate File System “might” not work but it isn’t clear if that applies between the app and the sync folder).



You can sync whatever internal or external drive you want :slight_smile:

The versioning is done inside the folder, so if you sync D:\Data\Some Stuff the versions will be inside D:\Data\Some Stuff\.versions. If your D has not enough space for the versions, you might want to have that on another drive. That’s what the text is about.

If you run Syncthing as a user (no service or anything) you can even sync mapped net drives.

Many thanks for info wweich. John

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