Will invites be on the web UI the next time I bring them up?

Hello there. If I don’t bring up the web UI for a while and someone added me s a device will it show up upon me bringing up the web ui the next time, let’s say a few days later, or if I restart the system? Thanks. and love the software.

It wont. Ideally you know when you are adding a new device, and thats usually when you have the UI open. You can always add it manually.

Yeah, these are invotes across the intenret so I normally don’t knwo then theya re beeing added and they are not always on to except my id. Maybe a queue of decice ids to add would be a feature to be considered in case you do add remote devices and they do not at the time have the web UI open.

I just tested this; closed the web ui of node b, added node b on node a, waited over an hour and opened the web ui of node b again.

After a short time, the connection request poped up. Could be that using a fixed IP:Port address for the device helped.

I have a static ip set up on my network. These are folks who are on the Internet itself on other computers across the USA They are not as tech savi as I am… so I can’t really test when and if they add my device for me to except.

You can write something that automates it by listening on the events API. Also, if you don’t know who’s connecting to your device, you should be concerned in the first place.

I’m someoen who is not all that worried, all of my folders are set to master so no one can ruin my stuff, and those tht connect have my computer id.

As for programing I can’t code worth beans, so I might suggest this to the main issue tracker as an enhancement and have it as a toggle in the settings who don’t want this to be the case.

Yeah you should, it’s a valid request, though it doesn’t mean it will happen.

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