Wifi and Syncthing

Hi all!

I have some issues with Syncthing and WiFi network. I sync my files from MacOS to home server running CentOS 7. Empirically, I found that when Syncthing works - wifi network are very slow.

At the left part of screenshot i ping my router via ssh @ centos server (server connected to router via ethernet) At the right part - ping router from my Macbook…

As you can see, ping are horrible. All devices in my home network, which connected via WiFi, work very slow. So, as i understand, syncthing DDOS my network :slight_smile:

If i stop syncthing app on my notebook - WiFi speed rise up and ping are near 1-5 ms.

I have the same issue at work, so there are not a router problem.

Any suggestions ?



Maybe your router firmware suffers a common bufferbloat problem? My openwrt’s for example can handle multiple active syncthings well without sqm / qos packages to avoid this problem. AVM Fritz!Box no problems encountered, too.

Syncthing is trying to sync as fast as it can, which is an expected behaviour of any piece of software. If you have a poor network, you can always enable a rate limit.

Things like firmware are unlikely to help as wifi is heavily influenced by the environment, so if you have noisy neighbors, there is nothing the firmware can do.

Try to off fasttrack on my mikrotik router can’t say that something changed.

100Mbit network, but i will try to enable rate limit. Anyway, when i download from torrent network there are no problems. Torrent utilize all channel, speed ~ 11 Mb\sec and ping looks well.

If it’s over wifi 100Mbit means nothing, as it’s theoretical 100 when there is no radio contention and traffic goes one way. Torrent is also not a sensible benchmark, as torrent uses UDP which the router can simply drop if it’s under load/struggling. Syncthing uses mostly TCP which needs to be reliable, re-transmitted if lost, which on a lossy network, the retransmissions start taking up majority of the radio time.

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