why would synctrazor/syncthing seem to reset on a pc/vm?

I have a hyperv vm running windows 10 that has been well behaved, syncing to my main pc, for about 6 months or more. Today when I logged in to that vm, the entire syncthing config seems to have reset. It’s just like a new install. I’m using the same credentials I always use. On the other side of the sync there are two “remote device” listings for that device, both disconnected. One says last seen in March the other says last seen 3 days ago.

That there are two of these disconnected entries may mean it happened in March also.

The vm has a different ID than either of the two remote device entries. When I started this vm up today it updated. I don’t know if that caused the reset. Right now it’s on 1.1.21 and v0.14.48. Is there any way to recover the config on the vm? Can I adjust the ID values in some manner to recover it?

This is an AD environment, no changes in that arena in this period.

Your guess is aa good as ours, its your vm after all, syncthing does not “self-destruct”. You can look for config.xml see if its lying around somewhere else

The vm hasn’t changed. It has to be an issue with syncthing or syctrayzor. I don’t find any config.exe in the two machines I’ve checked so far. SyncTrayzor.exe.config does exist on both pcs. I have googled for the location of config.exe and found nothing relevant at least on windows.

I have had ST crash and take config.xml with it. I can usually find a backup config left in the configuration directory by a ST upgrade that I can reuse. I cannot imagine how the certificates would be destroyed unless the VM is resetting the config directory.

Maybe in very very old days, nowadays its written to a temp file and renamed on top.

You don’t need to google, you need to search your drive for config.xml (not .exe).

As I said, you can blame syncthing all you want, but we don’t self destruct. Perhaps your vm upgraded which caused user accounts to be recreated or something, which nuked syncthings config.

My guess is you probably started it as a different user.

Anthony you are right. The other day I unknowingly started the vm using a different login.

I’d searched google for info re the typical location of config.xml on windows but didn’t find anything. Today I located to relevant files, I’ll list them here in case someone else finds it useful.

C:\Users\profile\AppData\Local\Syncthing\config.xml C:\Users\profile\AppData\Roaming\SyncTrayzor\config.xml

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