Why so many writes to disk?

I have quite many files shared in Syncthing of version 0.12 (about 10GB). On OS X after synching restarts it writes at least 5GB on disk. Is not it too much? I don’t like the fact that SSD writes so much stuff just for syncthing restart. Do I have any problems with setup? Should the newest version be better? Thanks

On reconnect, the complete index has to be exchanged and saved locally. For 10Gb date, 5GB index would be way to much. But if you connect with several devices, that could be.

Syncthing has Delta indexes since version 0.14.1, which should reduce the db writes on reconnect.


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I have only two machines connected. And this is what I see:

Could the big number of files increase number of disk writes too? I have so many small files (estimate 600 000)?

(Also note that the index size is more related to how many files you have, rather than how many GBs of files you have.).

… but yes, as @wweich said, upgrading to the latest version should help a lot.

In older versions, when Syncthing connects to another device, both sides transfer the whole of their index. The index contains a record of every file monitored by Syncthing, and can grow fairly large if it contains many files.

In newer versions of Syncthing, when it connects to another device, it only transfers parts of the index which have changed since it last connected to that device, and so the network and disk penalty should be a lot lower.


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Updated to version 0.14.5 from 0.12.22. What I see in the process manager:

I suspect something is wrong in the hashing algorithm. Amount of write is too big. I don’t want ~70GB of writes to hash ~7GB of data. On my external server update was pretty fast.

Any way I can help providing any info or it looks fine?

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