Why are RRD-files transferred by time and not immediately?

I have a folder with some RRD-files and PNG-files plotted from these RRD-files which are updated every minute. All PNG-files are transferred/synchronized immediately by Syncthing, all RRD-files are only transferred/synchronized after time-interval.

:question: Why? What is different with RRD-files than with “all other” files?

It depends, but if I remember correctly they are memory mapped files which don’t fire inotify events as well as potentially don’t update mtime until whatever tool that writes them decides to flush them.

Sure, when you read them, the new data is there, but there is no good mechanism to realise that they changed other than re-reading them every time, which syncthing doesn’t do

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Well, than I will add a “touch” for my RRD-files after they get updated to sync them neartime to their changes because they are more important than the PNG-files that can be generated from the RRD-files. Thanks!

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