Which files does a Master receive?

In the folder summary in the GUI, there’s an entry “Last file received”. When the node is a master for this folder I would not expect it to receive any files. Wouldn’t it be better to leave out the “Last file received” entry in this case?

I feel that this is just nit-picking now.

Master mode can be toggled, hence last received file can still make perfect sense.

If you are that bothered, feel free to make a PR.

Good grief! Did I step on someone’s toes?

I was just asking…

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I am just surprised that this bothers people, given all the other issues we have :smile:

Ahh @AudriusButkevicius don’t be so developer-ish. If the entry isn’t used why not just remove it in that case? It might only be a cosmetic change but it still is a UX-thing that there is a entry that just don’t make any sense And after all there is many entry there goes away while a node disconnects. It just don’t make any sense to keeps entries there that is not in use.

So why not?

I think Audrius doesn’t want to deal with minor features/enhancements, because there’s already a ton of stuff to do at the moment that’s high priority.

This would be a minor fix… I’m a pretty nit-picky person and actually that doesn’t really bother me too much, hah. But if you create an issue for this, I’ll do the fix and pull request for it. Seems at about my level of proficiency with Go, which is hovering slighty above illiterate.

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One of the reasons I asked this was to find out whether there can be circumstances under which a master does receive files.

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Added issue #1472. Please label it as ‘enhancement’ since I cannot do this myself.