Where to see recent Sync operations other than in the Windows tray?

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I just got one of the usual messages from Synctrayzor in the Windows tray stating something like:

“Folder ABC: updated x files, deleted y files”

Where can I see which files have been updated, and especially which ones have been deleted?

The Syncthing Console has a lot of information, but it doesn’t seem to tell me which files have been deleted (searching for “delete” in the Console’s text doesn’t seem to find any occurrences):

Thanks for help!


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Thank you

What Synctrayzor displays in it’s window is essentially the web UI (I think it does some enhancements, but no major changes, but I might be wrong). “Global Changes” is probably outdated for “Recent Changes”, which is at the bottom right.

As the FAQ says, you need to enable the audit log, it doesn’t run by default. Search the Synctrayzor settings for either a mention of the audit log itself or of Syncthing command line options.

Thanks. With your directions, I found this:

There, in the the Syncthing Log File, file deletions seem to be logged.

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There is also recent changes button in the web UI.

Bear with me, but what and where is “the web UI”?

Is that what opens when I click on “Open in external browser” in SyncTrayZor?

Unfortunately, the browser then asks me for username and password. Where can I (re)set those, please?


Sorry to bother once more with this.

I was wondering whether there was a way to re-read past Synctrayzor notifications somewhere?

I just had a message from Synctrayzor in the Windows Tray saying something along the lines of “40,000 files deleted – 40,000 files could not be deleted” :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

This is on the local PC where a new (locally empty) synced folder has been set up with “Receive Only”.

Unfortunately, I have already clicked on the message in the Windows Notification Center, whereupon it has disappeared.

So are the Synctrayzor notifications logged somewhere?

Now I have caught such a Synctrayzor notification in the Windows Notification Center:

Are these Tray messages of Synctrayzor logged somewhere?

And there is no occurrence of “delete” in both the Syncthing and Synctrayzor log files…

This uncontrollable mass deletion problem is about to k*ll me here

We don’t log creations deletions etc, as people have millions of files which would result in massive log files.

I’ve already explained about the recent changes view, but that shows last 100 changes.

I suggest you stop everything, sort out your files, delete syncthing’s database, and start from scratch following documentation with no self remedy this time.


I appreciate your and everyone’s patience.

I believe that my current sync processes are running as intended. I am only syncing one way at the moment, as far as my most important sync folder goes.

The problem is that a few weeks ago, I probably deleted thousands, possibly tens of thousands of files from a c*mpany’s server because I didn’t know what I know now.

The thing that is killing me is that I have no proper way to find out what was deleted and what was not.

I really think a mass deletion warning should be implemented.

Which one is more annoying? ST deleting thousands of files in a frenzy or ST telling you dude I am about to delete 80% of your share, is that ok with you?

I am now dependent on tools such as searching for empty folders on the server in question:

This way I found over 1000 empty folders in the sync source folder – where each of them should contain at least one file.

Is it normal that Syncthing only deleted (thousands of) files, but left the empty folders that had contained the files behind?

It deletes folders last, so you potentially interrupted it before it got to the folders, or whatever deleted the files did not delete folders.

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Thank you.

I will now try and merge all available backups of the original source folder into one (whereby I may have to remove file name extensions made by Syncthing according to the pattern ~[modification date] from the file name first).

Then I shall compare this merged backup with the current state of the source folder to see if and where mass deletions have occurred.

Man how I wished ST had asked me something like

dude I am about to delete 80% of your share, is that ok with you?

Syncthing told you something was wrong, and you told it all was well.

Granted, the error is not very clear, and that is now addressed, but same way I wish users would do some googling about the error instead of inventing their own remedy without understanding what it means.

Some people use syncthing as a file transportation mechanism where once the files on the other side, they are all deleted, so it’s just an annoyance for many, and a saviour for the few.

If you think the software is too dangerous for you, you are free not to use it.

We are not going to add secondary safety nets for things users shouldn’t do in the first place.

Yeah, how I wished somebody would have told me that.

Am still amazed and thankful that a powerful Open Source Sync tool like this exists of course.

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