Where is the fault of not able to save ? in sync folder establishing

I am using Endeavouros Linux. Setting Sync folder on this Linux for the first time. Sync with my handphone Android J6+ which has already have syncthing installed and running for Manjaro linux (i have since switched from Manjaro to Endea linux). May i know what kept it from me “click” save button ?

What setting did i made wrongly ?

What version are you running? Oh, it says 1.9.0. Odd.

The problem is that the Cleanup Interval field on the File Versioning tab is empty. Set it to 3600. But I didn’t think we had this problem in any released version.

v1.9.0, Linux (64 bit)

“Fermium Flea”

Build 2020-09-09 ()

Is there any problem with my syncthing ? I think it came in Endea Linux by default ? I don’t remember installing it.

I guess this bug slipped into 1.9.0 when it shouldn’t have. Ah well, set the value as above and you’ll be fine.

What does cleanup Interval means ? to periodically clean up older versioning data of the .stversions directory ? Does the value of 3600 seconds in Cleanup Interval means it do a cleaning of versioning data every hour ?! If it keep removing the versioning data, then when got Data conflict … how to recover if it is cleaned ?

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Well, this is the default behavior of the official 1.9.0 APT/GitHub release though.

To reproduce, simply add a new folder through the GUI and select for example ‘Staggered File Versioning’ (Trash Can is also affected). Both the Versions Path and the Cleanup Interval fields will be blank, while Maximum Age has a preselected value of 365.

The versioning folder is checked from time to time, to see if there are versions that should be removed. The Cleanup Interval controls how often this check is performed. The files are then removed according to the schedule.

The setting is mainly meant to give the user control on how often a spinning disk should be polled due to versioning.

Yeah, I noticed, as I wrote afterwards. This was an oversight, the fix should have been merged into the 1.9.0 RC and I thought it was, but it wasn’t. :slight_smile: :frowning:

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I still don’t get it. Cleanup Interval as set to 3600 sec would means every 1hr it will do a poll for checking ?

Is it ok to leave it as 3600 if it is ok, than let it be, because i just don’t have the time to understand everything.


It means every hour it will see if there are files to delete from the .stversions directory (if they are old enough, following your maximum age setting).

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