When sharing folder with another user does that user need to reshare the folder with me?

Got an odd question here. So I shared a folder with a user but they keep checking the share with me even though I already have the contents of the folder and it is set to send only. Does user B need to share the exact same folder with me? If so hat seems counter intuitive especially because the folder ID shows the name of the folder that I shared with the user when this happens. Do I tell them not to share the folder with me and just to modify the path and scan interval and hit save?

I’m not sure I understand the question. There is no resharing as such. What would you expect the behavior to be if the answer to your question was no?

Basically what is going on is when I invite someone to a folder, they except the invite and there is a check box to share the folder with my device… They do so and I get the invite to share the folder again which is a bit of a problem. I’m using the latest syncthing RC released June 13. and most of my folders are set to “send only” which means I control everything as I’m the one who invited the user not the other way around.

The same thing happens when my buddy shares a folder. I accept the invite but I see a check box that shows the machines I want to share the folder with, In all cases I kind of don’t want to. Most of these folders are for my buddy and me.

I’m not sure what’s going on in your setup. For a folder to be shared (synced) between two devices, it needs to:

  • exist in the configuration
  • be shared with the other device (the checkbox you mention)

The folder ID needs to be the same on both sides.

The prompt pops up when either of these is not the case.

Hmm, odd. Ok. So I share a folder with my buddy, he gets and excepts the invite. He then makes sure the box to share with me is checked, I then get a prompt to share the folder this is where I’m stuck. I had this happen yesterday with someone else and they made sure the box was checked. Did we both do something wrong? I’ve never had this fail on me before so that’s why. Can that check box to share with the original user just not be there maybe?

You can ignore all prompts. Add the folder on both sides with the same ID, share it with each other, and it should just work.

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