When does syncthing read .stignore

As per the subject - when does syncthing read the .stignore (and #include’d files)?

It feels as if it only reads it when started/restarted because changes in my #include’d file seem to have no effect until I restart syncthing everywhere.

Any time it scans the folder.

Which is once a minute (with default settings) isn’t it?

It certainly doesn’t feel as if the .stignore settings get re-read every minute. In particular do you think there might be an issue if one adds a !newFile entry so that newFile which was previously ignored is now copied?

I’ll do some more careful checks to see if I’m imagining it or not.

There are corner cases, yes. In particular in the case you mentioned, an incoming update from another device will have already been ignored. For it to be seen it needs to be sent when it is not ignored, so a reconnect is needed when unignoring files from other devices. Or the change will be applied the next time the file is updated remotely.

Yes, that would explain it then. So when adding a file to the list of !filenames (which was previously ignored) one has to restart syncthing to get everything to look as if it’s working 100%. Alternatively (if I understand you correctly) if/when the file gets changed then things will sort themselves out.


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