Whats the /rest/db/status key to identify a needed override action for send-only folders


for receive folders keys like receiveOnlyChanged helps to identify a needed revert action.

Whats the key in /rest/db/status to identify a needed override action for send-only folders? Thanks!

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I don’t know the db/status but using the folder status endpoint with the folder id and doing this:

long neededItems = folderStatus.needFiles + folderStatus.needDirectories + folderStatus.needSymlinks + folderStatus.needDeletes;

boolean outOfSync = folderStatus.state.equals(“idle”) && neededItems > 0;

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Thanks! I see there is also a “needTotalItems” key, that makes the sum up obsolete, I guess …

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Maybe that’s also fitting. We don’t query total status on android as this is heavy on cpu.

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I’d check the UI code to be sure.

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