What's reason that my device couldn't accept other node request?

I have one node ,it work well ,but couldn’t accept other node request, because the “ignored device” ?

i see the log: [3UEHL] 00:35:12 INFO: Connection from (direct-accept) with ignored device ID RUMN2II-CS36FDW-6FD7X3O-EXTKFYI-VQBT6D6-FLJ72OX-44LPHYS-ZOEUMAD

this device id is the request device id !

if this reason,how can i solute it ?

At some point, you were asked about the device and clicked “Ignore”. There’s no good way to undo this at the moment, unfortunately. Add the device manually since you have the device ID copy-and-pasteable.

this isn’t good choose , we should let user choose again , if next time , user want accept the Ignore node , it should can accept!

is there have event or other type can know ,the request node is “Ignore”?

i think the syncthing should add some operate that can do with “Ignore” !

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What would “Ignore” mean though in that case, when it’s right next to the “Later” button? But yeah, I agree we should allow some way to remove devices from the ignore list. That said, it’s two mouse clicks and a Ctrl-V to add the device manually. Lots less effort than creating your post here. :slight_smile:

on the browser can do that Ctrl-V to add the device manually,but now i use API to control the syncthing ! how can i do that like Ctrl-V to add the device manually ? and how can i know this request device is the “Ignore” ?

If you’re using the API, you add the device by posting a new config. This is the same procedure whether or not a device is ignored. You do not get events for ignored devices; you get DeviceRejected for unknown devices that are not ignored. The purpose of ignoring a device is to silence this.

you mean ,the request device should check whether success added the device that want to add ? if add fail , i should add the device again ?

where the ignored device storage ? on the syncthing server ? how the device know current device id is the ignored device id ?

hi Borg: this condition only happen when i use browser ? if i only use API to control syncthing shouldn’t happen this ? when i use API , i found the event “DeviceRejected” ,i accept the request device ,it’s ok ?

It’s in the config, which you can access and modify via the api or by hand by opening xml file in syncthings home directory (which is shown in -help).

You can manually add the device via the API by posting a new config that has the device as you get the DeviceRejected event. That event just says we’ve refused to accept the device, what you do about it depends on you.


when new device request , which event happen ?

This is the indication a new device has tried to connect. Because it isn’t trusted / know about it is rejected and the connection closed.

I am sure @AudriusButkevicius will correct me if I am wrong but, the connection is closed as soon as it is determined the device in not trusted so you will not know what why it tried to connect etc. The DeviceRejected event is the only way you can tell someone wanted to connect.

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You are right , just now , i test ignored node request , the event is DeviceRejected , when we get the DeviceRejected event ,if we want accept this device , add this device !

if we want accept any request device ,only need monitor DeviceRejected event , then add this request device !