What message types (INFO/WARNING etc.) can appear in the log?

I want to filter the syncthing log for ‘important’ messages. What message types can appear in the logging output?

I know about INFO, WARN and ERROR, are there any others?

There is also debug, but I don’t think you need that.

OK, thanks, you’re right I don’t care about DEBUG. I’m just running a filter which sends me an E-Mail if there’s a WARNING or ERROR and wanted to check that there wasn’t something such as FATAL as well.

There is also FATAL and VERBOSE.

Fatal errors pretty much only happen during startup. Any fatal errors after that point would take the form of a panic and generally indicates a bug or hardware failure.

I’ll add FATAL to my list, as one of my syncthing instances is running on a virtual server which I only occasionally log on to, I would want to know (if possible) if syncthing has died.

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