What is the Solution for the LONGTIME BUG in case filenames for Windows

We have been plagued by the long-time case sensitive bug and I’ve never found a good solution to get it working.

What is the currently recommended procedure to recover from this bug?

Please Search the forum there are plenty of good posts about it.

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My work around was to install the Linux feature of Windows 10 and then set case sensitivity. It’s a bit of a pain as the folders have to be set through powershell regularly, it’s not a case of do the root and the children will follow. But it does get around any issues.

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No, sorry there is not! I used to have one post that supposedly had the solution but I have not been able to find it in years.

What, exactly, is the bug? I presume it has something to do with Windows trying to do case-folding on filenames, and the fact that Unix filesystems don’t do that.

There currently isn’t a solution. Basically, you only have three options:

a) make sure all the systems you sync a folder with have it on a case-sensitive filesystem (there are options for enabling case-sensitivity on Mac and Windows)

b) make sure all the systems you sync a folder with have it on a case-insensitive filesystem (you can use FAT32 or NTFS on Linux to achieve that)

c) be really careful about case-only renames and conflicts :wink:

True, that is a longtime bug, and one that affects Goal 1 of the Syncthing project directly, so it is kinda supposed to be of topmost priority. It not having been solved yet is, I assure you, not because the lack of developer attention, but rather due to the complexity of things solving it has to deal with.

There’s currently a solution roadmap, and it looks like the developers agree this is generally the solution to be implemented, but implementation details (such as inefficiency of depth-first directory scanner strategy when case-folding is required) are still to be figured out.

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