What I wish was at the top of the FAQ for Slow Sync

Syncthing worked when I installed it, but it was extremely slow. The FAQ told me to go through Firewall Setup which took some time.

In the end, I realize all I needed to know was to click on each Remote Device, choose Edit, then Advanced. Under Addresses replace the default “dynamic” with something like: tcp://192.168.1.xxx:22000

I know this won’t solve everyone’s speed issues, and this is probably very obvious to many, but I hope this might help someone else struggling with Slow Sync.

Cheers, Richard

There could/should probably be a mention/reference to local discovery (you could add it yourself :wink: ). I think the reason why dynamic didn’t work in your case is that the router either doesn’t allow multicasts at all or not accross different local subnets. If these devices aren’t mobile, you are fine, otherwise you should use tcp://192.168.1.xxx:22000,dynamic, such that discovery is still performed in case the device is not reachable at the given address.

Okay. I forked and created a PR. Hope that works. Thanks.