What folder structure do you use? (selective sync depending on device/OS)

Hello everyone!

I am new to syncthing and looking to learn on best practices for folder structure and syncing.

I have several windows machines which i want to sync windows specific apps (config files, etc),

then i have notes/media files that i want all my devices to have.

some sensitive files that i want only my home devices to have, etc.

I am thinking about following strucutre







(only * folders are synced)

Does it sound right? Are there real life examples i can learn from / take as inspiration?

Syncthing is very flexible, so there’s no single “correct” way of doing things. Some people may prefer having a few large folders and using ignore patterns to selectively sync their contents on different machines, others may prefer to have a large number of more specialised, smaller folders instead.

I’d suggest to give Syncthing a go first, just trying to make it fit into your workflow (instead of changing your whole existing folder structure to accommodate it to Syncthing instead). If this is your own setup, and not something used with other people, you can always make changes as you go further, if necessary.

Of course, I’d always recommend having a proper backup in place beforehand.

Yes, I agree. Especially if you experiment with exclude patterns.

I have been burnt by deleting stuff which was excluded, or at least I thought so, and the deletion was propagated and… BOOM, data was lost.

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