What does "Revert Local Changes" do while actively syncing?

I understand what happens when “Revert Local Changes” is clicked when there is no active syncing (i.e. when the target device is displaying Local Additions).

However, I don’t understand what happens when the button is clicked while files are still in the process of syncing (it doesn’t appear to do anything). Does it only revert the changes that syncthing has detected up to that point in time (if it does this, it doesn’t happen immediately), does it revert all changes (such that the reversion is queued until the sync has completed–also doesn’t seem to be the case), or does it not do anything at all? I don’t see any effect on the “Locally Changed Items” count when it’s clicked, a lot of my files just have metadata changes so presumably they should be synced relatively quickly.

I propose that when the button is clicked the Locally Changed files are immediately moved to the top of the sync queue so that their state is reverted before the rest of the sync, so that the button has a more straightforward effect.

It does nothing, because reverting as an action is exclusive with syncing. I believe the button in question should be disabled in that scenario, but it appears it is not.

Possibly it queues it for after the sync has completed.

I wonder if it would be possible to flag the local changes as “to be reverted” when clicked such that they become part of the current sync process or resync when the current sync is completed (or restarted via disconnect/reconnect)

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