What do 'long filename' and 'short filename' mean in logflags?

I knew I was going to ask something else about logging! Never mind a separate thread isn’t a bad idea.

As per the subject, what do ‘long filename’ and ‘short filename’ mean in the command line -logflags parameter? What file are we talking about here?

Search for Llongfile and Lshortfile here.

I’m none the wiser! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t tell me what file it is talking about. Is it the file causing the error (but not all errors are caused by a specific file), the code’s source file, or what?

When it logs the location of where the log line came from, this flag decides if the full path is used, or only the filename.

This has nothing todo with functionallity, just general logging for debugging.

Try it and see, if nothing else.

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