What do I need to try encrypted endpoints?

I was just looking at https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/pull/6214 and it seems that feature exists now. Is it already in the current version? How would I set it up?

It’s not, it was closed a new pull request has been opened trying to build on the previous work.

Thanks! Is there an issue that I could watch?

The link to the follow up PR is at the bottom of the page in the link you posted

Sure, was just hoping there would be a single thing to watch if closing those pull requests doesn’t actually mean that it works now. :slight_smile:

Maybe this: Untrusted devices (encryption) status · syncthing/syncthing Wiki · GitHub ?

Closing doesn’t mean it’s merged, you have to check if it was merged.

There is a github issue that tracks the feature, but again, that can be closed because we’re not doing it anymore or because it’s implemented.

Okay, so there are non-answers but what is the answer. :wink:

A simple search returns:

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