What conditions triggers the way of the update ?

I have a cluster of a few devices always running (including one master read only), but I also have a portable device running on a usb key that I run from time to time. I slowly add files to the cluster from the master, so when I plug the portable, it’s always to sync it (I mean add files) because it is outdated. But each time I do that, I got a lot of reactions from the other devices and many alerts from the master asking if it should override the changes submited by the key. I don’t know how many times I have to click to confirm each time it asks, but I don’t understand why pluging again a previous synchronized device induces such a lot of question. Asking once only, I could understand. Isn’t there a time tag or something somewhere so syncthing knows the key is in a previous state and not in a new one, so it only has to be updated without messing around the other devices ? I run V 0.14.44 for 2081 files 19 folders on 7.77Gb. Thanks !

Your key contains files that have been modified and are now ahead if the rest of the cluster. It might not be content, but for example permissions or mtime that is different that makes them newer.

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