What can i do to increase transfer speed?

I want to sync a lot of media files from one site to another. Site 1 (Source):

  • 1Gpbps up/down
  • ~9TB in a 50TB RAID10
  • Mostly larges files > 5GB
  • PFSense firewall
  • no relay being used.

Site 2 (Dest):

  • 250/25 Mbps
  • 10TB RAID10
  • PFSense firewall
  • no relay being used.

I did some speed test and i get around >800mbps on the source (up and down) and >200mbps on the destination down.

But syncthing only looks to be using around 30-50mbps.

What can i be missing?

CPU usage doesnt seem to be high in either end for the firewall/router or syncthing host.

I’d also check the speed from source to dest uising iperf to make sure that it’s not just limited by your providers peering.

A typical bottleneck is usually syncthings database. Is it located on the same RAID? It should be on a separate disk and preferable on a SSD.

It can also be bottlenecked by the CPU hashing speed. The hash rate is printed on startup.