What are Listeners?

Maybe a simple question but after upgrading to v13 I’m noticing the Listeners fiend in the GUI but I can’t find any info about what ‘Listeners’ is referring to. I checked the docs but couldn’t find anything. Anyone have a quick answer? Thanks.

They listen for incoming connections.

On this matter; has anything else changed apart from the added line (Listeners: 1/1) in the GUI?
I noticed this new addition as well, standing out as the only colored text in the content area on the right side. Not present in v0.12.24…

Thanks. Just a quick follow up and maybe I’m over thinking it, but what are the different things that would be listening for incoming connections and how can I see what the 1 of 1 actually is (hovering over doesn’t show anything).

TCP and Relay listeners.

Perfect. Thanks!

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